Certificate of Readiness


In order to start a cow protection project that will be accredited with ISKCON and accepted as an ISKCON support project a “Cow Protection Certification of Readiness” needs to be obtained. The following are the requirements for obtaining such a certificate which will allow new cow protection projects to commence their operations:

  1. The GBC Minimum Cow Protection Standards Law 507 (Law 507) needs to be read and fully understood before applying for the certificate.
  2. An exam must be taken and passed. The questions in the exam will be based on the content of Law 507.
  3. A well thought out business plan with the signature of the GBC member has to be presented to the Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture. Details regarding the content that must be addressed in the business plan are provided below in order to assist in its preparation.

A simple 4-Step Process

Step 1

Submit a business plan signed by local GBC to the following address – imcpadirectory@gmail.com

Step 2

Take an exam on Law 507.

Step 3

Recieve your Certificate of Readiness to start a new Cow Protection Program

Step 4

Periodic Review

Process of Approval

The centre wants to commence a Cow Protection Program makes an application via IMCPA’s website. After receiving this application, which includes a business plan signed by the local GBC.
The team then reviews the viability of the application and test results. Based on the degree of progress, the first stage approval is given. This approval allows the centre to commence the process of acquiring cows.

Final Stage

The second and final stage will be assessed based on the findings of the site visit by an IMCPA accredited representative or a comprehensive consultation with concerned devotees.